my second loneliness(2)-Our meet up

my second loneliness(2)-Our meet up

I have been staying this Starbucks for about 2 hours, reading The Old Man and The Sea. Grace is the first person show up in our "Light English Corner".

Grace has a red bag

"我太久没有说了",meaning "I haven't speak (English) for a while.&q......

my second loneliness

My first loneliness is to confront this being, like anybody else. I live by this through my life. But I cannot get along with the second loneliness, that confronting my loneliness is my own solo.

Remember the song?

"I'm Mr. Lonely"

"I have nobody"

"For my own"......

your reasons at O

Is it a harsh path?

Driven by things you don't believe but you have to is a long struggle, where yourself have to be killed so to be built.

When your score becomes a national sign, it's never be more difficult to be keen to your heart, and it never be easier to be lost on your own pa......

what I think about Made in China and how it leveraged Made In USA

what I think about Made in China and how it leveraged Made In USA

I am quite bothered by my label finder habit.When I find the tiny cotton words “Made in China” on things I purchased outside of China, it’s hard to interpret my feelings. The three words is even harder to understand comparing with......

I’m taking your creativity back CHINA

I barely graduated last August after I studied at 5 places in 3 continents.Now,I am doing my second internship in Chicago in a small tech education company.I worked only two days a week but I am too busy to find another job. I am busy at dreaming,thinking and learning:my mind is about to explore som......