Hi friend,
This is a very interesting project, better than all all my job today.

Here is the research I done t:

  • A report from Down titled under Exam-obsessed Hong Kong makes celebrity tutors rich

  • A post from a mom who has a blog on the raising of her sons in HK:

  • Two videos from: China Daily and CNN

Kevin Kelly writes in book the inevitable about his talking with CEO of Google. At that time, Google just launched their unknown product- the search engine "Google". Obviously, the head of the company and the thinker of the industry had the vision of what they are doing, and he spoke a word to KK: AI.

Artificial Intelligence, an already defined area two decades ago, becomes a hot combination today. However, not so manny people realized that AI is expensive and still far away from them . The fact is , that they use it every single moment(almost). It is google in US. It is Baidu in China. It the search engine we use it.

You may wonder why I am talking AI here, I am supposed to talk about the celebrity who are multimillionaire on the tutoring business in HK.

Do you know what I did when you give me the key word "Richard Eng"? Bingo! I googled it , and also, I did Baidu.

Look at the title, celebrity and tutor togetherly. Check out the report resource, top ranking are from news and third party.The google result itself already reflect how westerners think in general.And I guess that what's on your mind, too.

What Baidu says?
Of course no direct Chinese details on this since we have Great Wall, there is no Richard Eng exist at all.
But I don't need to search Richard Eng, if there is another replaceable key words.
I searched, English tutor, Celebrity tutor, and tutoring English in Chinese. Do you know who is the Chinese Richard Eng? The anser is, None.What I got are direct or indirect ads from the tutoring sites.

What does this mean?
The search engine is AI, it's a machine and cannot think. The reason it bring appropriate and suitable answers upfront is because we, the users, the searchers, the millions public , train this machine every seconds. It gives us the response , "what we want to read."

Google brings the critical thinking on this and the voice are from third parities. Baidu gave us voice from purely marketing base.

I think you know what Chinese people want. And I can tell you, I don't like the Baidu results. We don't even need Richard Eng to represent for us, we are Richard Engs.



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